THE JAM – \”Down In The Tube Station At Midnight\” / \”So Sad About Us\” / \”The Night\” (Polydor POSP8) October 1978

This record by The Jam was released during the month that I turned 14 years old and I can well remember it being played on the radio, then seeing The Jam performing the number on Top Of The Pops. Indeed it was considered a successful record and achieved a Top 20 chart position.

The song relates a story of a commuter attacked and beaten up on a London tube train. The lyrics are graphic and caused DJ Tony Blackburn to complain that punk groups only write about violence. I very much doubt that any teenagers would listen to anything that square banged on about.

The other side has a remarkable cover of \”So Sad About Us\” by The Who. This was a tribute to Keith Moon who had died a few weeks before the single was released. On the back of the cover there\’s a picture of Moon from the 1965/66 era.

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