SEX PISTOLS – \”My Way\” / \”No One Is Innocent\” (Virgin VS-200) July 1978

By the time this record was released The Sex Pistols had become something of a cartoon punk ensemble. Johnny Rotten was gone, he had formed PIL which probably meant that Malcolm McLaren had even more control of what remained of the Pistols.

He had a punk film to make called \”The Great Rock \’N\’ Roll Swindle\” and was roping in anybody including infamous train robber Ronnie Biggs. To this day I\’ve still not seen this movie apart from a couple of short clips here and there on TV. Perhaps I\’ll watch it in full one day but at the moment I\’m too bust buying records.

\”My Way\” is Sid Vicious with some French session players. I believe Steve Jones played his guitar on this cut. Strings and things were added to the mix and you\’re left with a very satisfying remake  of the popular Frank Sinatra number.

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