THE REZILLOS – \”I Can\’t Stand My Baby\” / \”I Wanna Be Your Man\” (FAB 1 (Mark 2) August 1979

This was The Rezillos first single, recorded at Barclay Towers, Edinburgh and released during August 1977. The cover was green for the original. This is a re-issue of sorts due to demand and came housed in an orange sleeve with their logo in green!

\”I Can\’t Stand My Baby\” is a fast paced number with some neat sounding guitar. Vocals by Fay Fife. The back of the sleeve shows seven members in their line-up and a motley bunch they look too. The punks wearing shades and the others looking like they\’re from Fleetwood Mac. I suppose 1977 was effectively the transition year from long haired hippie types to short haired outsiders.

The other side is a great punk version of The Beatles number \”I Wanna Be Your Man\” 

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