SICK ROSE – \”I Don\’t Care (She Doesn\’t Care)\” (Electric Eye EELP006) 1986 

The very strange lockdown situation we all find ourselves in due to the Covid-19 virus because a hungry Chinese fucker decided to stuff his vile fucking face with an uncooked bat means that my investigation into the 1970s punk and new wave scene has been temporarily suspended. I can\’t go out and find worthy releases to add to my archive for the time being.

This means that I\’m back in my comfort zone, playing mid 80s garage punk records once again. Italian group The Sick Rose have been highlighted on my blog before with one of their worthy singles, this time around I turn my attention to their album \”Faces\” released during 1986.

If fuzz, farfisa and punk attitude is your scene this album comes highly recommended although it may be a little tricky to pick up on the original Electric Eye label. My pick is the extraordinary fuzz onslaught of \”I Don\’t Care (She Doesn\’t Care)\” which has enough fuzz and mayhem to blast huge cracks into your skull. Let your brains ooze out while you listen to this way-out number.

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