\”Here Today, Gone Tomorrow\” (Dionysus Records ID123313) 1989

It\’s the first time I’ve played the Zebra Stripes album for ages and it holds up well with a variety of styles, 60s garage, sleazy rock and roll and even a 70s punk cover!!! of The Ramones “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” is not on YT so I’ll add it. Backed by members of The Yard Trauma, Thee Fourgiven, The Miracle Workers and SS20. Recorded in Hollywood in the late 80s.

Zebra Stripes provided a few numbers for late 80s garage compilations. \”Intro \’66\” on \”Battle Of The Garages\” #3 and perhaps her best known number \”The Trip\” from \”Sounds Of Now\” – of course it\’s the Kim Fowley classic and it was played by John Peel on one of his radio shows at the time, although I didn\’t hear it.

I rate her version of \”Here Today, Gone Tomorrow\” mainly because the backing group lay down some crisp and polished sounds which don\’t overwhelm Zebra\’s fragile vocal style which incidentally remind me of mid sixties singer Twinkle.

My Facebook chat with Dionysus Records label owner Lee Joseph 

Lee: Thanks, that was my creation – I wanted to do an album with Zebra on vocals that covered all those genres as they were all things we were fans of! In particular, taking the Ramones song and interpreting in 60s girl-group style, one of their biggest influences! Besides the bass on the entire album, I played the lead solo on that track, it references \”You Showed Me\” by The Turtles!

Me: Yeah, I checked out the back cover and realized you had a huge input. The album doesn\’t sound like anything coming out at that time, quite a potpourri of styles. I rate it a lot especially the version of \”Some Velvet Morning\” and the Ramones number!!

Lee: Thanks! \”Some Velvet Morning\” was actually inspired by the Lydia Lunch/Roland Howard version!

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