THE GRIP WEEDS – \”She Brings The Rain\” / \”Strange Bird\” (Twang! Records TS 081 280) August 1993
I\’ve got a couple of Grip Weeds 45s….this one on Twang! from 1993 is great psychedelic rock. They use some pure pop jangle on \’Strange Bird\’ which is of course my bag! As you can see from the record sleeve they all sported classy psych shirts and no doubt tight threads and Beatle boots…..good sound with a good image. This band pic brings to mind The Church on the cover of their \’Heyday\’ album… I don\’t know for sure but I think The Grip Weeds hailed from New Brunswick, NJ…
From Kurt Reil: An early all-male lineup! We took this shot in front of our guitar player\’s wall, which he had painted w/ a mural of Van Gogh\’s Starry Night. I remember we agreed to all wear our paisley shirts for the shoot (pretty much what we wore all the time back then anyway (and now!). These are early versions of both songs- we later re-cut them for album projects.

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