THE DISCIPLES – \”Junior Saw It Happen\” / \”Only The Blind Can See\” (Ivanhoe Records 50.0010) September 1966
This is one of those records that is very much under the radar and has only ever been compiled on \”Bad Vibrations #1\” decades ago. \”Junior Saw It Happen\” is a fabulous rock and roll raunch attack, very similar to those way out sides by Paul Revere & the Raiders. The Disciples add plenty of teen energy, masses of fuzz, stupendous organ bursts and there\’s an omnipresent tambourine bashing away in the background. This sound is totally my scene. The group hailed from Oklahoma City (according to Teenbeat Mayhem) but it seems they relocated to Los Angeles sometime in the late 60s.
The Disciples released two more singles before changing their name to Southwind and started to play a mature hippie rock style, releasing one album which is decent. But it\’s their fuzz laden teen explosion of \”Junior Saw It Happen\” that deserves wider acclaim.
The plug side \”Only The Blind Can See\” is a worthy side too and much more commercial offering, very Beatles in a Merry Go Round sound kind of way. 
The Steve Miller Band recorded a hippie rock style of \”Junior Saw It Happen\” and their take was part of the successful album \”Children Of The Future\”

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