ERIK AND THE SMOKE PONIES – \”I\’ll Give You More\” / \”From Where I\’m Standing\” (Kama Sutra KA227) May 1967
This group hailed from Hempstead, NY and despite being on a big label like Kama Sutra they remain virtually unknown. I\’ve had a look around the internet on various blogs and sites etc and no one has ever written about these lads. At first I thought perhaps Erik and the Smoke Ponies were a studio creation so I asked on Facebook if anyone had seen a photograph of them. Thankfully Mole responded with a small picture which I\’ll post here. I also traced an article written in Hullaballoo, October 1967.
They possessed, at least on \”I\’ll Give You More\”, a driving beat sound, indulging themselves with plenty of fuzz and harmonica. It\’s a splendid little rocker that must have sounded way-out on the radio. The flip \”From Where I\’m Standing\” is a slow paced pop number that doesn\’t really do much for me but others may enjoy it. \”I\’ll Give You More\” has surfaced on a couple of compilations over the years namely \”Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 9\” and \”Victims Of Circumstances Volume 2\”
According to the Kama Sutra album discography Erik and the Stone Ponies were allocated LP label number KLP/KLPS 8062 but nothing was ever released. I wonder if this suggests that an album\’s worth of unreleased material is lost in the vaults.
Another single was released on Cobblestone CB728 sometime in 1968 but I\’ve not heard the sides \”I Think I\’m A Flower\” / \”I Know Someone\’s There.\” Both numbers remain uncompiled and the single itself appears to be quite obscure and difficult to find.

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