THE TEMPOS – \”Heart Beat\” (Justice) 1966
The Tempos album on Crypt records takes me right back to the mid 80s when I was discovering primitive garage music from the USA every day of the week. It seemed that compilations and fanzines writing about these compilations and groups were being released at will. It was exciting times but on a strict budget mainly because I didn\’t have or particularly want a job back then.

It was probably because of a vast amount of choice and lack of money  back in the 80s that I never got around to buying The Tempos LP on Crypt. I changed all that last month but had to fork out £30 for a copy. Imagine that! These re-issue albums and comps sold for about £7 or less back then. Anyway, I\’m glad I\’ve obtained this piece of Alabama history. My pick for this post is their primal \’66 surf instro \”Heartbeat\” I\’m giving this a 5 star salute. I\’d make these boys Knights of thee Realm but they were probably off to Vietnam after they quit school.

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