THE PREACHERS – \”Hey, Girl\” / \”Thoughts Of You\” (Barry B 3469X) 1967

I\’m still delving away in a record box full of groups that begin with the letter \”P\” hence pulling out this one by Canadian group The Preachers. Information on the internet and the reference guides I have is very scarce, the disc isn\’t even listed on 45Cat. They appear to have been a three piece outfit, probably all vocalists using studio musicians.

The top side \”Hey, Girl\” is a Goffin – King composition and sounds like something The Walker Brothers would come up with on a B-Side or deep album cut. It\’s not really the type of thing I get all excited about. The flip, \”Thoughts Of You\” is a pleasant enough pop number but doesn\’t really do much for me. This side was written by Stu Mitchell who wrote \”Acid\” with the Wes Dakis Rebels.




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