THE OHIO EXPRESS – \”Try It\” / \”Soul Struttin\’\” (Cameo Parkway KC-2001) January 1968 

I\’ve been delving deep into hit making bubblegum outfits lately and The Ohio Express are one such combo that I\’ve been concentrating on. The best thing being their groovy little tunes of course but another draw is that much of their records are cheap and easily available. Which leads me onto this disc. I checked their discography and found out that they had released \”Try It\” as a single at the start of 1968. 

This one proved a little tricky to track down because it was never released in Britain! Months before The Ohio Express hit the big time with \”Yummy, Yummy, Yummy\” they recorded some notable garage style numbers including this terrific remake of \”Try It\”. Perhaps The Standells version from April 1967 is the definitive go to turntable action burner but this cut by The Ohio Express is a serious contender mainly because of the unmistakable driving force of the \”Super K\” production. The dirty fuzz opening forces the number out of the blocks then that oh so great drum action kicks in. 

In my opinion this is worthy organ and fuzz punk, probably recorded in 1967 but released early \’68. The Ohio Express hailed from Mansfield, Ohio and were formally known as Sir Timothy & the Royals. 


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  1. The Ohio Express wasn't a group until the Buddah releases. The A-Side of the first Cameo single (\”Beg, Borrow, and Steal) was a remixed version of a single by The Rare Breed, and the B-Side (Maybe) was the instrumental backing track of an audition tape by The Measles (featuring Joe Walsh). The A-Side of this single reportedly has at least one member of The Music Explosion, who Kassenetz-Katz also managed.

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