THE SELECTIVE SERVICE – \”Green Onions\” / \”Shake\” (Trans Canada TC-32110 March 1967

Here\’s an obscure record  from a soul beat group from Ohio, it\’s an updated 1967 take of the mod instro \”Green Onions\” – No hammond organ on this, instead some subtle fuzz guitar and brass which gives it quite a gritty sound. I can visualise something like this as background music to a punch up on 60s TV show \”Batman\” \”POW\” \”CRUNCH\” \”ARRGH!\”

The other side is a decent version of \”Shake.\” So, two cover versions of hit records. Buckeyebeat wrote all about The Selective Service and included a photo of them. Head over to that website for more information but in the meantime have a listen to \”Green Onions\” via my YouTube Channel.


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