We never followed the traditional Subbuteo rules but adapted them to make our game quicker, more tactical and a whole lot more exciting. Wherever possible we tried to adopt the FIFA rules of the day in the professional sport. 

The Subbuteo Offside rule was always going to be messy and laden with controversy. During one particular match a goal was scored, all hell erupted, the referee was puzzled, arguments ensued. Eventually the ‘goal’ was disallowed, decided by the throw of the dice. The particular incident in question had never happened before. 

These days the Offside rule is still full of mystery and controversy in the professional sport.

Is the player interfering with play?

Is the player trying to bend the rules?

Can that goal be allowed or disallowed?

With modern day technology and cameras at every conceivable angle around football stadiums controversy still exists. It was no different almost twenty years ago when we were intently playing our Subbuteo matches.

Here is a sketch I made following the disallowed goal. Nowadays, in my opinion, there would have been no need to disallow the goal. It would have been perfectly valid.


To increase the flow of the game and to stop time wasting the small goalkeeper can only be used once. The ball must also move over the half way line. If the ball does not move beyond the half way line the opponent takes over possession of the ball where the ball stops.  Introduce the following disciplinary measure 

1. When a side reaches 5 yellow cards that side can not use the small goalkeeper at any stage in the game. In the event that the small goalkeeper has been used a direct free kick will be awarded to the opponent 

2. When a side reaches 10 / 15 / 20 yellow cards the above measure will be introduced  Current Form will decide which 4 teams qualify for each Cup Competition.

Matches 1 to 6 will decide the 4 sides to go through into the semi-finals of the Mitre League Cup  

Matches 7 to 12 will decide which 4 sides to go through into the semi-finals of the Brian Moore Memorial Cup  

Matches 13 to 18 will decide which 4 sides to go through into the semi-finals of the Retro FA Cup.

New Rules and Regulations for SUPER LEAGUE 5 

1. The small goalkeeper or a defender can be used to take a goal kick. This player can only kick the ball once and the ball must be kicked over the half way line. The attacking team will take over possession if the ball is not kicked over the half way line. 

2.  When a team reaches 5 yellow cards that team must play the next League match without the use of the small goalkeeper. When a team reaches 10 yellow cards that team must play the next 2 League matches without the Use of the small goalkeeper. 

3. Super League 5 and all Cup games will be played using the interception rule. If the scores are level at full time in Cup matches 5 minutes ‘extra-time’ will be played. If the scores are still level a sudden death shoot out will take place. 

4. A player will now receive a yellow card if it is moved in error. To qualify for the semi-finals the 4 teams with the best Current form will go through. Matches 1-6 Brian Moore Memorial Cup Matches 7-12 Mitre Cup Matches 13-18 Retro FA Cup 

5. A player is deemed off-side in the usual way (ie) there must be a defender and the goalkeeper in front of the forward. However, if forward 1 moves into an offside position but is still moving, forward 2 may strike the ball without having to take an offside flick.

If forward 1 has come to a standstill an offside flick must be used. The Referee will decide if any goal has been scored in such a circumstance. His decision must be final. 

6. Players not in an upright position must first be placed upright before they can strike the ball, otherwise a handball will be judged to have taken place.

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