At the turn of the new Millennium we decided to reform our childhood Subbuteo teams from the 1970s and early 1980s and start new Subbuteo League and Cup Competitions.

The venue and headquarters of our favourite table football game was my brother Andy’s house in Newbottle, Houghton-le-Spring, who now lived just down a pathway from our original headquarters at our family home in St Matthews Terrace. 

Me and my brothers Andy and Graeme were joined by our old friend and neighbour Kenny Wardhaugh to relive our formative years on the Subbuteo pitch. The sessions were serious, we all meant business and wanted to win.

As adults we were better behaved but a few arguments and confrontations did occur now and again. This was expected because results and points were all that mattered. 

flick to kick

Occasionally I took my camera along and took photos during important matches. These photos were downloaded onto an old computer at the time and stored away in folders.

Sadly, my old computer died a death and I was unable to retrieve these photos because I never backed them up anywhere else! I thought they had been lost forever, stuck on an old hard drive sitting on a shelf in the garage since around 2005. 

Back in the Summer of this year I bought some software and was able to retrieve photos from several old and wrecked computers. I was filled with excitement when I managed to get back these archived photos from our Subbuteo sessions and hundreds of cat photos thought lost forever.

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