The Vapors ‘News At Ten’ – When I was a hormonal teen back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, all I cared about was Subbuteo, Leeds United and Panini football stickers. I also began my interest in pop music and the two bands I latched onto were The Jam and The Vapors.

Today, I’m thinking about my schoolboy days, something I do on a regular basis if I’m honest, long live childhood memories and nostalgia. Those days playing cricket and football on the road of our Council Estate.

Happy times out and about searching in gorse bushes and hedgerows for bird nests, calling at the local Chip Shop for chips & cheese patty, chucking stones at lamp posts. Ah, those days, come back to me now!

Anyway, I digress. I’ll chat about The Vapors and in particular their single “News At Ten” released June 1980. What a tight little number and a natural follow-up to their smash hit “Turning Japanese”.

“Time’s gonna make you a man some day
And you won’t want to go out and play with your friends.”

I don’t remember it being played on the radio but it most certainly would have been. Their album “New Clear Days” was released the same week as this single in June ’80.

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