The Creatures of the Golden Dawn ‘Love Me Don’t’ – I can recall buying this CD album “The Keys To The Kingdom” in 1998 at a record shop in Camden Town, London during one of my annual pilgrimages to buy records.

I had never heard of The Creatures Of The Golden Dawn from Pennsylvania, but one look at the gear they were wearing on the cover gained my interest.

OK, next thing to do is check out the track list and I was pleased to see a couple of ’60s garage cover versions, “Where You Gonna Go?” by The Unrelated Segments and “My Brother The Man” by We The People. That sealed the deal, this 1997 CD release was something I was interested in buying.

I was always drawn to the track “Love Me Don’t” right from the off but today I played the CD album for the first time in a few years. Would anything else really jump out at me and shatter my mind.

No, not really. It’s all very decent and they make a garage racket but the original song “Love Me Don’t” is still the killer number here, for my pocket of cash.

“Love Me Don’t” reminds me of the garage rocker sound The Headless Horsemen from NYC generated on their urgent and must have releases. The Creatures Of The Golden Dawn are very much more ’80s garage punk than ’60s garage and I love ’em for that.

“Love Me Don’t” has an ear bashing guitar riff throughout. The riffage is sublime, sharp and decisive. Mike Lowe delivers “A” Bombs all over his song. Way-Out garage punk guitar solo.

His efforts are allied with tremendous scatter-gun drum action, nonchalant lyrics delivered perfectly by an intense Mark Smith on lead vocals.

Sadly, Chris died young from complications due to Huntington’s Disease some years ago. Syncopated backing vocals and hand-claps add to the texture of this splendid punk anthem.

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