published in Sounds, 25/05/85

Dressed down to match the self-deprecating charm of Hurrah!, the audience were an accurate mirror of the current discerning cult pop crowd-pleasers themselves.

The occasion was one of subtle pressures and restrained approval; Hurrah! are not a group to go wild for, nor do they suggest anything but the inspired melodic genius they embrace wholeheartedly.

It is clear where a group like Hurrah! live; it’s a robust but tempered suburb of jangling, resonant guitar that is harmonically perfected to blend with choruses that must be as hard to rehearse as they are affecting to feel.

What amazes me is that a group that sports its influences reproduces them with ingenuity and embryonic grace to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur and rivet a new generation of souls. Hurrah! are a thoroughly contemporary reality.

Hurrah! are believable because they love what they do for its own sake; any statement of intent is superfluous, here is a group that has power without aggression and a sober self-respect to propel their cogent pop argument into the mind and heart.

Hurrah! are as good as their American peers, better somehow because they don’t have the travail and trumpery that the latter are usually fraught with. (Ralph Traitor)

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