Orange Juice ‘The Glasgow School’ – My love-fest with Orange Juice continues on ‘Yellow Paper Suns’ with this immaculate CD of their Postcard label recordings 1980/81, including every single side, album cuts that eventually saw a release on Polydor, a throw-away number recorded for a John Peel Radio One session and a long-forgotten Nu-Sonics number, a previously unreleased rehearsal take from 1979.

All your favourites are here, sound reproduction for the CD release is sonically pleasing, with delightfully annotated liner notes and information of every song from Orange Juice drummer Steven Daly. What’s not to like? And all for the princely sum of £5.

There are many highlights here, most are playfully engrossing, several absorbing my complete attention. From the rather ineptly recorded and produced first single “Falling And Laughing” to the graceful and beautifully jangly “Dying Day”.

It’s fascinating to witness their progress from unknown Glaswegian floppy haired indie guitar darlings to a floppy haired professional outfit destined to have some hit records and fame after appearing on “Top Of The Pops.”

Here’s what Steven Daly had to say about “Dying Day”

“A jangle-istic opus that reveals Orange Juice’s heartiest embrace of ’60s folk-rock influence. The way that Edwyn sneered the line “Say hello to your debu-tante” was a nod to a mid ’60s Bob Dylan; Blonde On Blonde was probably the one record that the faddish Alan Horne would always keep on his playlist in the small and spartan bedroom from which he ran his Postcard Records empire.”

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