Searching for records in Sunderland – Today, I was on Annual leave so decided to take a trip to Sunderland in search of records. Another early start, bus arrived at Lambton village centre and I was in Sunderland just after ten in the morning.

Bitterly cold day, I wore my gloves for the first time this Winter, I needed them to warm my carpal tunnel fucked hands.

First stop was HMV in ‘The Bridges,’ and just as a couple of weeks ago, I came away empty handed. The prices they have placed on their vinyl albums is way too high. I was after the recent Felt single box set release but sadly no luck. I know they had it in stock last year, some indie collector must have snagged it. Damn him / her.

HMV, you have failed me yet again. Who are your buyers in the Sunderland branch? Your stock is not a patch on the beautiful array of records the store in Newcastle have to offer, especially ‘Box Sets’.

Next stop was independent shop ‘Hot Rats’, despite it’s small size they have an interesting selection, and more importantly for me (at this moment in time) old Record Store Day stock.

This time around I came home with a couple of Television Personalities albums, a 10″ re-issue of the ancient eighties compilation “The Magic Cube” and an obscure 10″ album of Het numbers. The liners are in Dutch, so I need to do a little research, but I believe they’re their single sides from 1965/66. So pleased to find this!

So there it is. My last record finding search for 2020. Because of the Covid-19 virus I hardly ventured outside my house, let alone into the surrounding Cities to visit my regular vinyl nests. I’m hoping 2021 will prove to be more fruitful.

The North-East has just entered Tier-4 category from Midnight, so all Record Shops will be, unable by Law, to open anytime soon.

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