THE BUZZCOCKS – ‘Promises’ / ‘Lipstick’ (United Artists UP 36471) Nov 1978

The Buzzcocks ‘Promises’ – One of the original punk bands forming in the Summer of 1976 when Devoto and Shelley decided to form their own group after witnessing a Sex Pistols gig.

‘Promises’ was The Buzzcocks sixth single and reached a decent number 20 in the UK charts. The flip ‘Lipstick’ is also good with a subtle ‘Shot By Both Sides’ (Magazine) guitar riff buried in the mix.

The pic and lyrics below are taken from one of my old Smash Hits magazines from November 1978. Probably rarer than the single which is easy to find. (EXPO67)

This lurks here because it was overlooked two weeks ago. Peter provides the only light relief on the airwaves. He’s nothing to do with Percy Shelley is he? Oh I wish they’d put it in two weeks ago. (Record Mirror)

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