THE CLASH – “Tommy Gun” / “1-2 Crush On You” (CBS 6788) November 1978

The Clash ‘Tommy Gun’ – At the end of 1978 The Clash released “Tommy Gun” which steadily made it’s way up the chart eventually achieving a Top 20 entry. The number is a powerful punk rocker with a devastating and highly destructive opening salvo of guitars and machine gun rat-a-tat drums.

It would have been easy to go downhill after this fierce intro but this one never gives up right until the end.

Joe Strummer barks out his orders in the usual way “Tommy Gun you can be a hero in an age of none.”

Certainly one of my favourite Clash singles. (EXPO67)

Well I like it a lot more than I liked ‘White Man In Hammersmith Palais’, but I still think that the vocals let them down when the music is so brash and blinding.

They’re better to watch live because their aggressive approach to music is more immediate, but this isn’t a bad second best.

The staccato bleep they’ve run through this song is a lot like a section of a Vanilla Fudge song, but as I don’t suppose The Clash have ever bothered with Vanilla Fudge it’s not likely that they ripped it off.

I think I’ll have to live with it for a while before I decide to get really enthusiastic about it. It doesn’t strike right away. (Record Mirror)

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