THE UNDERTONES – “Get Over You” bw “Really Really” / “She Can Only Say No” (Sire SIR 4010) January 1979

The Undertones ‘Get Over You’ – Exhilarating punk number and follow-up to the acclaimed debut disc by The Undertones. It’s one of those sing-a-long broken romance songs and lyrically a throw back to the mid sixties Beat Era and especially the USA teen garage anthems where every kid on the Estate was a spotty loser in love.

Recorded at Eden Studios, London during December 1978 and released a month later. Reached a disappointing #57 in the Charts.

Back in ’79 I was too busy buying Panini football stickers. (YPS)

The Undertones second single ‘Get Over You’ was recorded in December 1978 at Eden Studios, Chiswick soon after the group signed with Sire.

Their first time in a ‘proper’ studio, the song was recorded live, with few overdubs. “We were a bit disappointed with the results,” recalls Damian O’Neill. “It was too soft.”

‘Get Over You’ had been written by John O’Neill in 1977, compacting the sorrows of a broken teenage romance into a two minute pop thunderbolt. (Mojo)

“We were very disappointed by the chart position. We thought it was all over and out career was finished. It was like, “What are we gonna do?”

Looking back, I think the song could have been better done. It was a bit too smooth.”

bassist Michael Bradley


  1. Bought Get Over You on the same day I bought Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen! I’m pretty sure I read that Teenage Kicks was a song about “self-love”, and the original lyrics were “I wanna hold it wanna hold it tight…..” but I may have dreamt this. Hope you are well Col in all the madness. 🙂

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