Only four months into my new blog and I’m already up to ‘Radio, Live Transmission #09’ which is essentially a playlist of the most recent CDs and records hitting my decks.

First up is this welcome CD collection of the best numbers from mid ’80s mod combo Makin’ Time, who almost made it into the mainstream. A popular and credible outfit on the mod / soul circuit but unfortunately they were forever destined to remain within that scene and darlings of circulating fanzines.

rhythm and soul

So what’s on the CD? – There are 23 tracks, all from master tapes and sounding fabulous, nothing that I wouldn’t expect from Big Beat. The set features their complete recordings made for the cult Countdown label, featuring the respected ‘Rhythm & Soul’ album as well as single B-sides and 12″ mixes.

The booklet is packed with rare photos, label shots, gig posters and extensive liner notes with quotes from various band members.

Bubblegum gum band 1910 Fruitgum Co go all far-out with their introspective psychedelic number “Reflections From The Looking Glass” released on the B-Side of their International smash from ’68 “Simon Says”.

What a surprise the primary school kids would have received if they flipped over the teen pop side of the disc to play this turned-on tripper.

The Chylds – ‘I Want More (Lovin)’/’Hay Girl’ (Giant Records 101) May 1967

Here’s a super 60s teenbeat double-sider on Giant Records. The Chylds were from Canton, OH and were very popular in their area. So much so that a huge label like Warner Bros were impressed enough to sign them up and release this disc on their label in July ’67.

Both sides really MOVE with an R&B / soul crunch, seemingly very much influenced by Paul Revere & the Raiders with a coolsville Mysterians organ buzz.

Disc 3 from the recent ‘Halcyon Days’ CD box-set has been on heavy rotation play this week. Much of the material on this veers off into the freakbeat and psych mod domain, and it’s all certainly wired for my mind.

The Tages set the scene with their sublime classic ‘Halcyon Days’ (obviously the inspiration for the title of this 3CD box-set) Lot’s of insanely great numbers on offer in beautiful sound quality. I can listen to Plastic Penny’s “Your Way To Tell Me Go” every day of the week. Pure sonic brain candy.

A new ’60s garage CD compilation called ‘Lost Innocence‘ is out right now on Big Beat and what a belter it is too. I’ve been waiting years for this one to come out, it was muted way back in time with the promise of Avengers numbers direct from the tape source.

Since the release was talked about, two of the Avengers members have died, so they’re not gonna get any plaudits that may have come their way.

This collection is top-rated West Coast vintage garage sounds from the vaults of maverick genius Gary S Paxton. Acknowledged classics, tantalizing obscurities and several previously unheard gems, all delivered from the original master tapes.

Listening to Echo & the Bunnymen nowadays takes me right back to my schoolboy teenage days and just after I left school in 1981. They were a top group and appealed to me at the time when I was searching for inspired and non-commercial underground sounds from a contemporary outfit.

money jangling in my pockets

Having said that, at the time, I only ever bought their ‘Crocodiles’ album from 1980. Money was obviously tight back then without a job and only a small amount of pocket money jangling in my pockets.

Thankfully, I can still listen to them and get something out of their weird and strange sonic rhythms. They sound a lot more psychedelic than I remembered and the guitar work is excellent throughout. Perhaps the only cut that is pure dreck is the 12″ ‘discotheque’

Remix version of “Never Stop” during which I started thinking to myself “Never Start” – I won’t be playing that one ever again!

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