THEATRE OF HATE – “Do You Believe In The Westworld” / “Propaganda” (Burning Rome BRR 2) December 1981

Theatre Of Hate ‘Do You Believe In The Westworld – There were a lot of young lads dressing like Theatre Of Hate when I was a teenager hangin’ out in the indie / punk pubs in Sunderland. You know, flat-top hair style, short at the sides and back, short-sleeved checked or white shirts, jeans and beetle crushers.

“Do You Believe In The Westworld” was also a regular play by the DJ’s in the clubs and the punks were forever dropping their shiny ten pence pieces into the jukebox for a rave-up while playing pool.

Singer Kirk Brandon had his own distinct style of presentation and vocals, can’t think of many who sounded like him. Check out his Red Indian inspired wailing.

An atmospheric number that just failed to hit really big in Britain although the band did make an appearance on Top Of The Pops. Produced by Clash man Mick Jones, released December 1981. (EXPO67)

This one gallops and has brass on it, but as ever, it’s chiefly distinguished by the remarkable muezzin voice of Kirk Brandon. More palatable than ‘Nero’, but in consequence less compelling, it confirms Theatre Of Hate’s place as one of the ultimate love – or hate – groups.

I confess having been dragged into unwilling admiration of ‘Nero’, to enjoy their barely reined cacophony, but it has been known to send grown men screaming from the vicinity of the RM gramophone.

Great for upsetting your parents / neighbours / unwanted friends with. (Record Mirror)

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