BUZZCOCKS – “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” / “Why Can’t I Touch It?” (United Artists UP 36499) March 1979

Buzzcocks ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’ – Also inspired by a book (wot a lot of swots these pop chaps are), this time it’s Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Couldn’t stand it at first but there’s something deviously hypnotic about Buzzcocks discordant rock. Now I sing a long to the chorus. (Smash Hits, March 1979)

I’ve saved the worst for last. Pete Bysshe Shelley is now closer to Smokie than Smokey Robinson, nearer to being a shrieking fish-husband shrew than Mr Wonderful. By any standards – especially those of the quality goods he’s been effortlessly knocking out over the last couple of years/

This single is truly awesome in its slipshod shabbiness, the most flaccid romance of the ages. A REAL PIECE OF SHIT. Buzzcocks fans should feel betrayed, Shelley should be so overcome with shame that he does himself or Steve Diggle an injury.

“Life’s an illusion, love is a dream

But I don’t know what it is.

Everyone’s saying things to me

But I know it’s OK, OK!”

Well, as long as you’re happy, Pete. And to think that when we were children we had the nerve to laugh at John and Yoko for sitting in a sack. (NME)

Buzzcocks in Smash Hits

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