Latest purchases from State Records – One of thee most annoying things about the National lock-down in Britain is my inability to go record hunting in some of the dens of iniquity that I inhabit from time to time. I’ve written about some of my previous record finding jaunts in the past. But what about my online orders?

I’ve decided to put that right and examine some of the bulk buys I partake in online from time to time, especially from my regular dealers. One of the best for me personally is the official State Records store. They sell a host of ultra-cool contemporary vinyl & CD releases, reissues and repros.

My latest four record haul arrived this morning and one of the benefits of home-working is that when the postie pressed my doorbell I was in to receive my treasure.

Here’s a list of the jewels within the best packed and lovingly prepared package on the market you will find. Each record is neatly divided with records taken out of their sleeves to limit the possibility of cover damage during transportation from State Records to EXPO67 HQ.


THE VOO-DOOMS – “Step Inside The Doom!” (Spinout Nuggets SN020)

Brand new limited edition 6-track mini-LP on RED VINYL —only 300 copies pressed, in hand-numbered sleeve with printed inner bag. The Voo-Dooms purvey a trash, rockin’ voodoo, garage punk sound, perfect to get any bone-a-shakin’- and-a-twistin’, sending mummies into a frenzy throughout the land. 

Somewhat a supergroup, The Voo-Dooms feature garage punk veterans Bruce Brand (The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes, The Headcoats, The Masonics, etc), Dan Whaley (The Dustaphonics, The Charles Napiers, The Diaboliks, etc), Dave Prince (The Sundowners, The Untamed and The Hi-Fis) and Mick Cocksedge (The Untamed, Cordwood Draggers and The Dead Bone Ramblers), each carving their own name on the musical hall of Doom!

2018 saw the The Voo-Dooms release their first long player, titled ‘Destination Doomsville’, through Trashwax, followed by the four-track EP titled ‘And It Goes Like This..’ the following year, on Spinout Nuggets. The last six months has seen The Voo-Dooms appear on two compilation albums – Spinout Nuggets Chapter 1 : From The Ashes and Rebel Rousers Vol.1.

Step Inside The Doom’s Side A groove fires straight into ‘Stop Haunting Me’, followed by ‘You Will Never Know’ and ‘She’s Gonna Cry Tonight’, while Side B’s groove runs through ‘If I Can’t Have You’, ‘The Girl Wouldn’t Harm A Fly’ and ‘Is She (Dead Or Alive)?’. Doomettes Mary Tee and Jo-Jo A Go-Go add backing vocals, ghostly shrieks and a little theremin here and there! 

THE EVENT – “San Diego Underground Files Vol. 2” (Bickerton Records BR018)

Brand new limited edition 9-track vinyl 10″—only 400 copies pressed!

Here you’ll find rare and unreleased early recordings by legendary mod band The Event! The Event were a unique band tagged as part of the 80s mod revival though their sound had really nothing to do with the power-pop sound that was usual among their colleagues but with British 60s R&B, freakbeat and pop-art.

Their 1989 LP on Bomp subsidiary Voxx remains as one of the most outstanding albums of the 80s both for its quality and its audacity. Now it’s time to dig up their unreleased stuff for your listening pleasure—includes great versions of legendary tracks by John’s Children, The Birds, The Game and The Eyes!

Factory-sealed from new with insert featuring liner notes from Bart Mendoza.

THE PARAGONS – “Abba” b/w “Better Man Than I” (Altercat Records ALT45-001)

Brand new limited edition  vinyl 7″.

At last, the MIGHTY “Abba” by North Carolina’s Paragons gets a long-overdue official reissue, done with the cooperation of band members Pat Walters and Danny Huntley. A classic mix of 12-string jangle, teen harmonies and youthful exuberance, backed with a spirited rendition of the Yardbirds’ “Better Man Than I”, the single sadly disappeared amongst thousands of others on its original release on Bobbi Records, back in ’67…

Fast forward over 50 years, and the single is now in extremely high demand, regularly selling for around $1000, so this sparkly new edition is especially welcome. Expertly mastered by garage legend Tim Warren, and with a superb 12-page booklet with liners from celebrated author/musician Mike Stax, featuring many previously unpublished photos, this has to be THEE reissue of 2020!

KEITH KESSLER – “Sunshine Morning” b/w “Don’t Crowd Me” (Mapache M45-001)

Limited edition vinyl 7″—only 400 copies pressed!

Keith Kessler’s “Don’t Crowd Me” is an anthem to garage-punk fans, with a sound to match the intensity of the lyrics. Keith Kessler recorded “Don’t Crowd Me” at Kearney Barton’s Audio Recording Studio (home to The Sonics, Wailers etc) in Seattle in 1966, using musicians from Keith’s group, the Impulses.

don’t crowd me

“Don’t Crowd Me” wouldn’t be released for two years, and it was only with some luck that it was issued at all. During the summer of 1968, Mike Wing, a Bellevue musician and aspiring record producer, liked one of Keith’s original songs “Sunshine Morning” enough to set up a publishing company and finance the recording, pressing and promotion of the record.

Keith’s 1966 recording “Don’t Crowd Me” filled in for the b-side. “Sunshine Morning” didn’t hit, but “Don’t Crowd Me” deserves to be ranked among the top examples of the tough Pacific Northwest sound.

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