Kanto YU2 Desktop speakers to the rescue – Sadly, my KEF X300A speakers had to be replaced this week. I only had them for about six years but the left speaker developed problems. I realised that something was wrong when there was little or no sound coming out of the left speaker.

It took a while to notice because I mainly play mono records but the other day I slapped a 70s punk single on the turntable and it sounded more than a little odd.

I was receiving a warm, rich sound out of the right speaker but very low sound out of the left. I swapped cables around, I even bought a new set of leads hoping that the old one’s were the problem and not my £700 worth of KEF gear.

Nothing changed. I was still getting next to no sound out of the left speaker.

I did some research online and read many threads on various forums and came to the conclusion that the internal DAC amplifier inside the left speaker had developed a fault. I’m without shame when I admit that I know nothing about HI-FI gear.

I know in my head the sound I want and that’s about it. The limits to my repairing / assembling ability is re-wiring a plug.

I really couldn’t be arsed to try and find someone who could repair the left speaker so I decided to invest in a brand new pair of white Kanto YU2 speakers. They’re priced at £220 so were within my budget.

I didn’t want to spend much over a couple of hundred quid. Reviews for the Kanto YU2 are excellent and are great value for money.

They arrived yesterday and I immediately set them up so I can play my turntable through them via a Graham Slee Accession pre-amp.

The speakers are very small, they’re about the same height as a Blu-Ray box but mighty in sound. They’re seriously great, I love them already and plan to add a Kanto subwoofer soon.

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