It’s a sad day for me and every fellow Leeds United fan in the World because my boyhood hero and Club legend, Peter Lorimer has passed away.

I’m diehard Leeds United, and have been since I was a young boy in the early ’70s when I became obsessed with football and my Elland Road heroes. Every time we played footy in the streets I imagined that I was Peter and would often attempt to kick the ball with all of the might I could muster with my right foot albeit attached to the skinniest right leg on the Council Estate.

It didn’t matter if my shots were feeble (which they weren’t because I managed to volley a casey through a neighbours kitchen window, circa 1974) because in my head I really was Peter Lorimer!

Peter Lorimer and Leeds United have given me so much pleasure and pain over the decades but one thing will never diminish and that’s my unbounded love of the lads in white and my memories of that legendary Leeds outfit when I was growing up in the ’70s.

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