THE CLASH – “English Civil War” (Johnny Comes Marching Home) / “Pressure Drop” (CBS 7082) March 1979

The Clash ‘English Civil War’ – A wise enough if a miscued and rock ‘n’ rolly warning about all things uninformed and sinister that this chap can flow to easier than any tuppeny ha’penny “Oliver’s Army”. But then it was a CBS choice we hear.

The flip is the old Toots “Pressure Drop” from the set of yore but done more professionally, less manic. Now this is a good thing? It sounds OK anyway and they at least feel the stuff – which is more than can be said for the disgusting rubbish “ol’ Keef” pays his bills with.

(By the way, Richards’ junk was released this week too). Despite myself, The Clash are still the only rock group I would cross the road for. (NME)

There’s nowt wrong with this sceptic version of society except the tune. Surely Jones and Strummer could have come up with something better than “Johnny Comes Marching Home”. On the other hand, the very familiarity of the song could help sales. Gutsy and relevant but drab.

Also, it’s taken from the band’s “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” LP which most Clash fans will already own. There is a new song on the B-side, however, The Clash’s version of Toots & the Maytals “Pressure Drop”. (Smash Hits)

Smash Hits 1979

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