Sony Mini-disc deck MDS-JE520 – I’m not quite sure how my mind started wandering the other day to my Sony Mini-Disc player / recorder. After all, I’ve never thought about the format for well over a decade.

HI-FI storage

Probably around fifteen years ago I packed this neglected HI-FI unit inside a black bin-liner and stored it away in the bottom of a pine wardrobe.

Fast forward to the back end of March 2021 and I’m thinking about what I could sell to raise some money in my retirement (in two months time) if I need to.

Please don’t think I’m a coffin dodger ready for the local skip. I’m not. I’m taking early retirement and I’ll have to make do with living on my works pension and top that up with savings.

Anyway, I digress. Back to my Sony Mini-Disc player / recorder.

Taking it out of it’s bin-liner shroud was like revealing an Egyptian mummy from it’s elaborate tomb. What was this ancient technology that my eyes beheld for the first time in almost two decades?

It looked gorgeous with straight edges, knobs, buttons and plenty of inputs. Oh man, this piece of kit was revelatory all over again.

Audiolab 8300A

I hooked it up to my Audiolab 8300A and then spent an hour or so trying to find some actual mini-discs that I could play. I only found three, but I know there’s a box full of them somewhere. That particular search will have to wait for another day.

The music coming from the mini-disc was superb and easily a better, more dynamic sound than some of the CDs I was buying twenty odd years ago.

CDs sound quality has improved dramatically recently and I’m buying and listening to CDs way more than previously.

But now my focus has switched back to the mini-disc and I’m going to embrace this obsolete technology once again. I had a quick look on eBay and there are plenty of sellers trying to shift their unwanted blank mini-discs so I’ve placed some orders already.

Sony Mini-Disc MDS-JE520 User Manual

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