THE UNDERTONES – “Jimmy Jimmy” / “Mars Bars” (Sire SIR 4015) April 1979

The Undertones ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ – Yet another brilliant tune from Londonderry’s Undertones. This was their third single release and built upon the momentum gained from ‘Teenage Kicks’ and ‘Get Over You’. The song hit the top 20 and earned a TOTP appearance in May 1979.

‘Jimmy Jimmy’ is the sad tale of a young boy killed in Northern Ireland. But having reflected upon the meaning of the song have a smile at the picture cover showing a young Feargal Sharkey holding up a cup dressed in his school uniform. Great stuff indeed.

Mars Bars

The flip ‘Mars Bars’ is about every young boys favourite chocolate bar. (EXPO67)

Hmm. Either my record player is going on the blink again or The Undertones have made a disappointingly weak slab of nothing special, stitched together from bits of other people’s old rock hits. They can do a lot better and probably will. (Smash Hits)

“Rebel Rebel” meets “I’m A Boy.” Tremulous and charming. (NME)

Very little that can be said about down-the-line pure pop for 1977 people, except that The Undertones do it with sublime ease: that they still haven’t improved upon the fine ‘Teenage Kicks’ record, and that ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ will sound every bit as special buzzing from the AM waves as it will from the Rega 3. (Record Mirror, 21/04/79)

The Undertones gig photos 1979

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