Back in 2012 I had the idea of raising awareness of potential ‘punchable faces’ and the powers of Facebook has cast this memory back onto my timeline. Knowing that everyone alive and breathing has the human urge to punch someone in the face at any time of the day, I’ve decided to share my thoughts with you.

Punchable Faces – Part 1

With his sloppy mouth, inane grin, lispy voice, sloppy mouth, wet lips and sloppy mouth this bloke’s face is in need of a punch…..He’s straight in at Number 1 on my list of 10 punchable faces.

Punchable Faces – Part 2

This bloke deserves a good fisting.

Punchable Faces – Part 3

With his cheeky grin, candy floss hair and horrendous collection of chirpy coloured shirts this bloke deserves a few upper cuts or at the very least a body slam.

Punchable Faces – Part 4

Everytime I see this Aussie ‘comedian’ on my tele I feel the urge to punch his face.

Punchable Faces – Part 5

He’s a ‘National Treasure’ but why does he feel the need to tap-dance (for no apparent reason) at the age of 95, every time he’s on my tele??? For that reason, he’s gonna get a punch in the face followed by a Hulk Hogan leg drop.

Punchable Faces – Part 6

Need I say more? Get the boxing glove on.

Punchable Faces – Part 7

Hugely punchable face…..could do with a knuckle duster for this one.

Punchable Faces – Part 8

Not enough face pummeling.

Punchable Faces – Part 9

Smugness personified….bring in the ‘Hit Squad’.

Punchable Faces – Part 10

My final punchable face is the Devil himself.

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