STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – “Straw Dogs” / “You Can’t Say Crap On The Radio” (Chrysalis CHS-2368) September 1979

Stiff Little Fingers ‘Straw Dogs’ – Solid two sided punk release by SLF during the latter part of 1979 and almost a hit, just missing out on the Top 40 and probably an opportunity to appear on TOTP’s.

The record picture sleeve is in bad taste and I’m not sure what the relevance is, some guy (possibly drummer Jim Reilly) out of focus walking passed the window of a butcher’s shop, murdered animals hanging from hooks in the window.

Yeah, I’m a decades long vegetarian and animal rights supporter for many years. The SHIT cover aside both numbers are decent, especially the B-Side “You Can’t Say Crap On The Radio” where the band sound more like the Clash than ever before. Jake Burns’ vocals are all over the place on “Straw Dogs” and the hours chewing on rusty nails and swallowing flint sandpaper before recording in the studio pay off handsomely. (EXPO67)

Venomous crunchy vocals and a frenzo guitar from a band who now sound just a little bit better than all those things we used to see down The Roxy. You remember than little sweatbox in Neal St don’t you?

Aw, well, we used to go down there and . . . . (Record Mirror)

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