THE PRETENDERS – “Brass In Pocket” / “Swinging London” / “Nervous But Shy” (A Real Recording ARE 11) November 1979

The Pretenders ‘Brass In Pocket’ – Well, they may be keeping us waiting a sinful long time for their debut album, but as long as they can put out singles as simple and easy as this then they’ve got good reason to be confident.

This is less of a song than a series of remarks that gets its hooks in you with one perfectly simple guitar riff over a light and lovely rhythm. I think she’s got a sexy voice. (Smash Hits)

Whatever it is it isn’t worth the column inches that will be written about it so I won’t waste mine. Chrissie Hynde grits her teeth and delivers her art. One that is mildly interesting but not in the least entertaining.

All words and no music which is something they should never be. (Record Mirror)

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