THE GREEN TELESCOPE – Two By Two EP (Imaginary Records 001) 1985

The Green Telescope ‘Two By Two’ EP – The Wump Records single by The Green Telescope was neo primal American 60s garage mayhem but this four song EP released in 1985 catches the future Cawdor lairds wearing their Dutch beat influences on their sleeves.

The first side compiles two Lenny Helsing originals titled ‘Two By Two’ and ‘A Glimpse’. Both of course are laden with attitude or should I say beatitude. The opener on side two is the quite marvelous ‘Make Me Stay’ written by Alan McLean. This is surely one of the very best neo garage beat tunes of the 80s revival.

‘Got no love, make me stay’…

The other song on the EP is a cover of ‘Thinkin’ About Today’ a 1966 wailer originally recorded by The Outsiders. A great song and thankfully The Green Telescope give a thrilling interpretation.

A while ago Lenny confirmed the line-up as follows:

Lenny Helsing (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Bruce Lyall (organ)
Alan McLean (bass)
Gavin Henderson (drums, backing vocals)

Since I wrote this review several years ago I located a rare piece of “Two By Two” ephemera, this being the very rare alternative cover showing Steve Zodiac and Commander Zero, two characters from ‘Fireball XL5’.

At first I thought the sleeve was a fake or one of those ‘fan’ home-made creations. It’s so well done and the quality of the material and ink made me doubt my suspicions.


I recently asked Lenny for the scoop and here’s what he had to say.

“We recorded the songs in 1985 for sure but the record wasn’t issued until Syd’s birthday on 6th January 1986. Ah ha well well, look what we have here. It’s not a fake per se as it was done by Imaginary but I have to say totally without any say or input from me or any of the group!

We weren’t best pleased at the time for sure. The scoop is that Alan Duffy did it as I recall … as something a little different for the last ‘few’ copies of the last pressing.

I think he told me there were around 40 or 50 copies at most done with this sleeve. Of course we loved Fireball XL5 and Steve Zodiac but we wouldn’t have used that particular image on our group’s record!”

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