THE SKIDS – “Charade” / “Grey Parade” (Virgin VS 288) September 1979

The Skids ‘Charade’ – From their album “Days In Europa” (Virgin V-2138) released in 1979.

I used to own a copy of this 7” single but, somehow, it found a way to part company with me without so much as a by-your-leave, and, speaking as someone who’d baulk at even the thought of throwing out a lowly Black Lace record, it’s one of those countless vinyl mysteries which will forever haunt me.


I’m glad to say the healing process for this little mishap was completed earlier this year when I finally acquired a copy of the second Skids long-player, “Days In Europa”, which, I have to say, wasn’t as consistently hot as I imagined it might be, but, still, “Charade” is worth a post on nostalgic grounds, albeit way much poppier than I remember it being back in the day.

Maybe it’s that yellow jumpsuit that Jobson’s wearing. And is that a black belt to make his waist look slim? Good grief, it’s like something Sheena Easton would wear.

A pneumatic drum intro and into an ‘I Fought The Law’ verse and ‘Masquerade’ chorus. Not new, in other words, but another tight, vital, Skids-sounding Skids single. (Record Mirror)

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