We’ve got a colony of rats living, or perhaps only visiting our garden! We saw a rat last Summer feeding from one of the bird food containers but never thought much about it. Rats are supposedly everywhere but you rarely see them, right?

We saw the rat again during the Winter months, once again eating bits of bread that had been cut up and distributed on the lawn. This was for the birds to help them through the long, cold days. We then saw rat poisoning in next door’s garden, so we obviously presumed that they had also seen the rat and wanted to exterminate it.

We didn’t see the rat for months afterwards so thought “missing in action, presumed dead”

Imagine my surprise when I counted at least five rats, of varying sizes, all chomping at the bird seed and left-over pieces of suet balls. At least five rats in the garden!!! Some would call this an infestation. I call this wildlife that needs to be moved on in a humane way.

Last week I bought a humane rat trap and set it up in the garden. The rats were interested but have never ventured inside the trap. The only catch we had was an unsuspecting Dunnock.

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