THE BOOMTOWN RATS – “Mary Of The 4th Form” / “Do The Rat” (Ensign ENY 9) November 1977

The Boomtown Rats – ‘Mary Of The 4th Form’ – While schnurdos everywhere are trying desperately to suss out whether The Boomtown Rats are actually punks or not, me and a bunch of other people are quite happy to dig ’em for the music, guffaw at Modest Bob Geldof’s outrageous inflammatory statements to the national press and groove on regardless.

“Mary Of The 4th Form” is an alternative version of their album track of the same name backed by “Do The Rat”, a popular stage number (to use technical music business jargon) of theirs.

Hard driving Feelgood’s derived

“Mary” is a hard-charging Feelgoods-derived song about a horny, tantalizing schoolgirl which never descends into Strangled misogyny and is a nice enough single, but after “Lookin’ After Number One” it’s a pity that Geldof & Co didn’t have a chance to get into the studio and cut a real single as a follow-up.

Still, like the voices go at the end of “Do The Rat”, “But what has all this got to do with punk rock?” “Uh . . . . ummm . . . nothing at all. (NME)

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