BLONDIE – “Denis” / “Contact In Red Square” / “Kung Fu Girls” (Chrysalis CHS 2204) February 1978

“Denise” recorded by Blondie is a song written by Neil Levenson. The song was inspired by his childhood friend, Denise Lefrak. In 1963, the song became a popular top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, when recorded by the American doo-wop group Randy & the Rainbows.

A cover version by the American new wave group Blondie, re-titled “Denis”, reached number 2 in the UK Singles Chart in 1978. Dutch actress and singer Georgina Verbaan covered “Denis” in 2002 and reached number 30 on the Dutch Singles Chart.

The American doo-wop group Randy & the Rainbows recorded “Denise” with the producers of The Tokens, releasing it as a single in 1963. The group’s name “Randy & the Rainbows” was chosen by the owners of Laurie Records after they recorded “Denise”.

Junior & the Counts

The group having previously been called “Junior & the Counts” and “The Encores”.

“Denise” spent seventeen weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, reaching number 10, while peaking at number 18 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and reaching number 5 on Canada’s CHUM Hit Parade.

The song was ranked No. 27 on Billboard’s end of year ranking “Top Records of 1963” and No. 60 on Cash Box’s “Top 100 Chart Hits of 1963”.

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