The Sex Pistols - Something Else

THE SEX PISTOLS – “Something Else” / “Friggin’ In The Riggin’ (Virgin VS 240) February 1979

The Sex Pistols “Something Else” – The old Pistol adjective “Bor-ing” has never been so sharply defined as by recent events. Here we are dished up some pub rock that I dare say thousands will feel the need to ‘defend’ and cast in heroic light.

It’s the kind of bilge you can find in any tin pisspot combo rehashing. Yes, but it’s THEM ain’t it guv! What a tragedy. The reverse is a reading of a rugby song against some incidental orchestra twiddling.

There really ain’t nothing sadder than old hipsters or anything more obnoxious than louts given free reign while you’re in the room. Anarchy in antiquity. (NME)

Featuring the late Sid Vicious on lead shouting, Eddie Cochran’s immortal classic is – surprise, surprise – performed as faithfully close to the original as the Pistols could possibly get.

‘Course it’s slightly heavier, but there’s no denying that this is ’50s rock ‘n’ roll rather than ’70s punk.

Bet it’ll confuse a good many Teds. The flip, an age old dirty ditty ‘Friggin’ In The Riggin’, led by Steve Jones, is childish nonsense. (Smash Hits)

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