THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS – “Never ‘Ad Nothin’ / “Nowhere Left To Hide” (Warner Brothers K 17476) October 1979

The Angelic Upstarts ‘Never ‘ad Nothin’
– The pic sleeve is made to look like the front page of a newspaper (“The Angelic Times”) – an idea that is incredibly unoriginal and boring. Which is also an accurate description of the record. (Smash Hits)


Yet typical anthemic death or glory story designed to edify the rabble even as it rouses them. We could debate its ultimate effect all day – but no matter how sympathetically the reasons why people go out in a blaze of headlines are portrayed, making them (the people and their reasons) the subject of dumb, quasi-heroic chants just might give some poor sod a good excuse to do it.

Maybe Jimmy Pursey really is too thick to realise what effect he’s having despite his hopeless attempts to avert it, but I doubt it, because if his conscience really troubled him so then why does he insist on producing this? At least ‘I’m An Upstart’ was garbage that didn’t pretend to care the way this garbage does. (NME)

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