“C’Mon Everybody”

THE SEX PISTOLS – “C’Mon Everybody” / “The God Save The Queen Symphony” (Virgin VS272) June 1979

The Sex Pistols are an undoubted success based on the idea called punk rock, which sets out to trail blaze a path of anarchy and ruin within a culture that chooses to destroy us by making our decisions for us.

Punk rock’s cause is to create as much fuss, havoc, excitement as possible, crime pays us.

Punk’s slogans are:
  • reject the mainstream
  • cash from chaos
  • believe in the ruins
  • never trust a hippie
  • anarchy is the key
  • do it yourself is the melody

In other words, rot ‘n’ roll

The media was our helper and lover and that in effect was the Sex Pistols success.

As today to control the media is to have the power of Government, God, or both.

It is all that matters to explain our ‘Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle’. A true swindle of ideas that gives you back your right to decide for yourself.

“The God Save The Queen Symphony”

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