THE STRANGLERS – “Peaches” / “Go Buddy Go” (United Artists UP 36248) May 1977

The Stranglers ‘Peaches’ – Double A-side from the most commercially successful New Wave band. ‘Peaches’ owes more than a little to the R&B story raps The Downliners Sect were playing just as competently 15 years ago.

And you might possibly have heard Chuck Berry steaming through a repertoire that contains at least a dozen numbers like ‘Go Buddy Go’.

Still, that really doesn’t matter (does it?) because the New Wave are more concerned with principles and rattling the bones of Rock’s apathetic elite.

Good luck to ’em. But ripping off the old timers’ material to do it strikes me as being as pointless as dragging a moribund body off its death bed and then beating it over the head with its own mattress.

meekly conform

Inject new ideas, not old formulae! More alarming is the fact that they’ve made a special pressing of this record for the BEEB to play and changed certain offensive words for more innocent ones.

For example “clitoris” magically becomes “bikini”.

So how can anybody destroy a system they presumably despise (and of which the BEEB has such frightening control) when they meekly conform to a redundant code of attitudes?

Perhaps all The Stranglers want is airplay so they can become successful. But are they really more interested in fame than principles? (NME)

The poet that wrote this is obviously completely uninfluenced by Dylan Thomas or T.S. Elliot. The music however, is reminiscent of several other pieces. No matter. It’ll be a hit. (Record Mirror)

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