“Something Better Change”

THE STRANGLERS – “Something Better Change” / “Straighten Out” (United Artists UP 36277) July 1977

The Stranglers ‘Something Better Change’ – I was garroting my best girl as we listened to ‘Rattus Norvegicus IV’ the other morning when I remarked how hysterical I’ve always found the sexism charges levelled against The Stranglers.

Didn’t quite catch her reply, something like ‘blllaaaargh!’ it was, but I went on to point out that most of the band’s best songs weren’t even vinylised yet.

As the offensively crass radio ad for this single wafted through the airwaves of her tranny she tore off my ears and suggested it was perhaps just as well.

Sometimes she feels like a wog, see. Now that I got a copy of ‘Something Better Change’ and had those dismembered limbs stitched back on, I tell her that anyone who can’t smirk at Jean Jacques Burnel’s gross overkill vocal howling – f’rinstance . . . . .

“Don’tcha like the cut of my clothes?
Don’tcha like the way I seem to enjoy it”

is a humourless schmuck who would have The Ramones shot for Nazi affiliations.

It’s best for dancing to, and if you wanna use it for projection of your own sick fantasies then that’s entirely your problem, nurd. (NME)

Stands to reason that this lot make it where the other new wave bands don’t. For starters they are more akin to the more established rock bands we’ve been used to since the late sixties, with guitar and organ breaks, guaranteed to slice into the head of the old rock brigade as much as the new.

These are two faves from their stage act and both equally playable and enjoyable. At this rate they’ll soon be stars, then what happens? (Record Mirror)

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