THE STRANGLERS – “Duchess” / “Fools Rush Out” (United Artists BP 308) August 1979

The Stranglers ‘Duchess’ – This song about a a girl claiming to be heiress who had hit hard times was released as the first single from The Raven. It peaked at #14 on the UK singles chart.

The supporting music clip featured the band dressed up as choirboys. It received the first video ban by the BBC, as it was deemed blasphemous due to its ecclesiastic setting. (Songfacts)

Can’t suss this one out at all. Hugh Cornwell actually sings. yeah, a bit shaky maybe, but it’s proper singing. And the song’s quite nice. But it’s also repetitive and lacks any real substance. The B-side, which is more like the Stranglers we all know and hate, is equally insubstantial. (Smash Hits)

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