“Nice ‘N’ Sleazy

THE STRANGLERS – “Nice ‘n’ Sleazy” / “Shut Up” (United Artists UP 36379) April 1978

The Stranglers ‘Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’ – Skipping the hit formula at last; greasy white reggae with bubbling bass line. Hugh Cornwell snarls earnestly; oh, isn’t life tough, cruel world.

Po-faced band of the week. (NME)

Samey Stranglers recitation walking as ever the tightrope on bass. Lyrics tend to be rather stilted / stilton / stale if not minimalistic.

Overboard we go . . . weechhh! . . . considering the other faeces dished up this week, let’s be generous and give it the green for go buddy go buddy goooooo. (Record Mirror)

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