“Walk On By”

THE STRANGLERS – “Walk On By” / “Old Codger” (United Artists UP 36429) July 1978

The Stranglers ‘Walk On By’ – I’ll overcome a natural indifference to The Stranglers to tell you how good this single is. But common to all their songs (yes, I know this is a cover of the Dionne Warwick hit) the instrumental bores me.

Every time I hear them, the strong similarity in The Doors becomes more and more apparent. Apart from that the gritty bass and vocals makes this a much better version than the original.

There’s no way it could be a hit. Where Warwick took a pensive line with the song, The Stranglers have attacked it with a growling truculence.

And in keeping with their general image, they imbue it with the sinister overtones that creep through all their music. (Record Mirror)

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