The Damned at The Roxy, February 1977

The Damned at The Roxy – Funny what rave reviews can do. The queue outside The Roxy, punk centre of Great Britain, stretched for miles. Well, 100 yards at least. There were babbling Yanks, tattooed hardnuts, despicable posers, curious students. They all wanted to see The Damned.

Their first London appearance since the release of album number one, ‘Damned, Damned, Damned’ which has sent rock critics scurrying for dictionaries to outdo rivals in verbose review duels.

And there was no let-down

Set one was hampered by sound problems. Hence, ‘Neat, Neat, Neat’ chorus lost in transit. But the second set. Wow. Fifteen magnificent minutes of terror rock.

Lead singer Dave Vanian looking like an anaemic Count Dracula about to pounce. Captain Sensible devoured by the jostling vocals of over eager fans leaping on stage. Rat Scabies kicking some off stage.

The anthem ‘New Rose’ staggered. ‘Fan Club’ coaxed. ‘Fish’ froze. Memorably menacing. They’ll wipe Marc Bolan clean off stage.

So what’s wrong with eternal damnation? (Record Mirror)

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