“Freddie Laker”

JEAN-JACQUES BURNEL – “Freddie Laker (Concorde & Eurobus)” / “Ozymandias” (United Artists UP 36500) April 1979

Jean-Jacques Burnel ‘Freddie Laker’ was a single taken from ‘Euroman Cometh’, a 1979 debut solo album by the Stranglers’ bassist.

Musically, it was an attempt at incorporating electronic sounds into rock. Lyrically, it evolved around the idea of a United States of Europe in the context of the Cold War.

“A Europe riddled with American values and soviet subversion is a diseased sycophantic old whore: a Europe strong, united and independent is a child of the future”, states Burnel on the inner sleeve.

Guest musicians were Peter Howells of The Drones (drums on tracks three, five and six), track nine featured Brian James of The Damned (guitar), Lew Lewis (harmonica) and Carey Fortune of Chelsea (drums). All other instruments were played by Burnel.

The album reached number 40 in the UK Albums Chart in April 1979. The track “Freddie Laker” was released as a single on 13 April 1979, backed with the non-album track “Ozymandias”.

Smash Hits – April 1979

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