“Just Like Nothing On Earth”

THE STRANGLERS – “Just Like Nothing On Earth” / “Maninwhite” (Liberty BP 393) March 1981

The Stranglers ‘Just Like Nothing On Earth’ – I lost track of this band many moons ago, their sound just became a monotonous throb and this single shows that things haven’t improved.

“A woman in Wellington wets her whistle” – it starts and goes downhill from there with some of the most banal nursery rhyme lyrics since Paul McCartney’s last single (and at least Macca usually has a decent tune to counteract the appalling words).

A definite no-no. (music press review)

Grumble, moan. Another duff cut from my least favourite Stranglers album. Smurffy singalong, smirky words, murky meaning. Curiously facile. Irritating. Beam them up, Scotty. Anywhere.

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